BGDISC Helps Gather Data for Community Report

BGDISC helps gather data from partners for the 2019 Youth Vital Focus report

“BGDISC was used by our Community Foundation’s Vital Signs Advisory Committee to pull together our Vital Focus on Youth Report. The open data source allowed committee members to go through relevant data reports and tag particular statistics with ‘Youth’. These tabs created an inventory of stats that were eventually aligned with issue ‘clusters’ that had been prescribed by youth. The Vital Focus on Youth Report looked at issues in Grey Bruce that were top of mind for young people including: youth voice, youth spaces, regional transportation, economic barriers, substance use and mental wellness. As a data source and a searchable inventory, BGDISC was a tremendous resource for the Foundation.” Stuart Reid, Executive Director, Community Foundation Grey Bruce

Partners were encouraged to add the tag children and/or youth when they uploaded their data to BGDISC, so that it would came up when you search the databases (see the Summer 2018 Newsletter). You can see how easy it was for Stuart to find the data for his project by clicking on the search button and searching on youth. Try it!