Spring 2018

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What's new?

  • received funding from both the County of Bruce and the County of Grey
  • finalized the Terms of Reference for the Collaborative
  • selected a platform and created this website
  • held a well-received Soft Launch event November 20, 2017

What's been added so far?

  • Grey County Trails
  • Grey County Official Plan GIS Data
  • Grey County Roads Data
  • Grey County Rural Business Listing
  • Grey County Children's Services Overview
  • Grey County EDI Results
  • Child Care Wait List
  • Alcohol Vendors Grey Bruce
  • Food Security Assets
  • EmployerOne Survey Report
  • Census 2016 Results
  • United Way of Bruce Grey Backpack Program
  • United Way of Bruce Grey Utility Assistance Program

What's next?

  • encourage users to upload content
  • review, revise and improve the website
  • create resource tools to help users share their information
  • reach out to local organizations and encourage them to become members