For Data Contributors

This page contains a list of resources for organizations to manage and govern their own open data policies.

Organizations that contribute data to BGDISC are responsible for their own data governance. They must ensure that data released publicly complies with applicable legislation for the protection of personal information. Ideally, each member organization will adopt their own open data policies, data licenses (such as the BGDISC open data license), and appoint someone on staff to be responsible for the release of data as open data on this platform.

BGDISC Open Data License

An open data license based on Canada's Open Government license. Organizations are free to release data under the terms of this license, or modify for their own needs.

BGDISC Terms of Reference

BGDISC Data Release Guidelines

This document provides guidance on what data can be shared publicly, and how to anonymize data with personally identifiable information so that it can be shared. Organizations that do not have open data governance in place should defer to these guidelines for sharing data with BGDISC.

BGDISC Open Data and Information Policy Structure

This document provides a basic structure for a future Open Data Policy to ensure that all data shared with BGDISC is safe to be freely accessible to the public.

BGDISC Open Data Readiness Survey

This survey gives a prospective data contributor a sense of how ready they are to begin sharing their data.
Google Form Version
The google form version of this survey will send an email back to the subject who completed the survey and send an email to BGDISC. Both emails will contain the answers that the survey subject entered in the survey.
PDF Version
The pdf version of this survey, once completed, can be sent to BGDISC through the Contact Us page.

Open Data within Your Organization